Will learning to Develop for the iPhone Make me Rich?

If you’re interested in learning to program and make apps and games for the iPhone, you’ve more likely than not read articles and heard success stories of individual putting together a game or app in their spare time and striking it rich, make hundreds of thousands of dollars for their efforts. I’m not hear to dash anyone’s dream, but I am here to present a reality check.

The App store, the web and many things in life are a competitive struggle in some why or another. Many of the fortunate people who struck it rich had a the benefit of very fortunate timing and a lot of luck. There is a lot more competition now and the quality of the apps that are expected is rising. This does not mean all is lost however, I think there are tremendous opportunities yet to be realized for the iPhone and mobile platforms.

I see what is happening here is very much akin to what happened in the hay days of the web. In the beginning, people would peruse and throw money an anything with a WWW in front of it. With time things become more and more competitive and people realized that ideas with no business sense behind them up led to disaster. Then the bubble burst and things got really tough, but to this day there are, and will continue to be new startups and ideas that enter this space and succeed.

I see the same thing with the iPhone. The hayday of just throwing up any crazy old App and making fist fulls of money is over. What’s required at this point is a good idea with a solid business and marking effort behind it. I think there is still tremendous opportunity for thousands of new Apps to do really well, provided people have really thought things through and are willing to do what it takes to make it a success. The get “Rich quick days” have for the most part, come and gone. The “do quite well” slowly days are here to stay, for quite I while I think.


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