A Bit About Your Comp 3906 Instructor

Hi Comp 3906,

My name is Richard Hart (just call me Rich), I’ll be your instructor for Comp 3906 – iPhone Application Development this fall at BCIT. I am the lead developer at a local game studio called Ethical Entertainment were I help create interactive applications and games for children for online and mobile delivery.

I’ve been teaching programming courses for the Department of Computer Systems at BCIT for almost a decade now and I’ve worked really hard to develop my ability to boil complex subject matter down in ways that make things much easier to understand. My teaching style is relaxed and friendly and I’m blessed an abundance of patience, so feel free to ask question and make mistakes in my course.

We’ll be taking a very hands on practical approach in my course this fall, which is really important when you are learning new technologies and skills like iPhone development and Objective-c. From my teaching and personal experience I can tell you there is just no substitute for actually sitting down and working with the technology in order to truly understand it.

Comp 3906 will consist of a equal balance of lecture and hands on labs each class in addition to several practical assignments throughout the semester and a final project and exam at the very end.

We will be taking you through the entire process of building an application for the iPhone / iPod Touch in my course, everything from getting an initial idea to submitting to the app store.

Each student will build a complete iPhone application for their final project and have the opportunity to publish it to the App store if they wish.

We’ve got some really nice lecture theaters booked out with lots of power outlets for your Mac. I’ll be showing you how to build to your device, so don’t forget to bring your iPhone or iPod Touch.

We’ve got a challenging semester ahead of us, but I’ll be working with every one of you this semester to help you succeed.

See you in the fall!


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