Comp 3906 – Mac and iPod Touch Savings – Times Running Out!

Hello Comp 3906 – iPhone Application Development,

Some of you may still be looking for deals on a Mac laptop and an iPod Touch. As a BCIT student, you may not be aware you qualify for educational pricing on software and Intel based Mac computers. Just stop by at the Burnaby or Vancouver campus and get your BCIT ONE card made up and you can now get the student pricing for many things, not only at BCIT but other education resellers like the UBC and SFU computer stores.

Here is some information that was current as of Monday August 31rst that you might be interested in. Also, don’t forget that students can qualify for a free 8G iPod Touch if the buy their Mac laptop before Sept 8, 2009, so try not to loose out.

Current UBC Pricing

MC240LL/A Core2Duo 2.13GHz 2GB/160GB/USB2.0/FW400/GigE/802.11n/BT/SuperDrive/13″LCD/White 1.20$ $1,099.95

MacBook Pro
MB990LL/A Core2Duo 2.26 2GB/160/GigE/802.11n/BT/SD/FW800/USB2.0/13.3″LED 1.20$ $1,299.95

Current SFU Pricing

SFU currently has some fantastic clearance deals on Intel based Mac laptops, so I’d really recommend jumping on them if you can.



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