Comp 3906 Provisioning Profile -> Ready for Download

Hi Comp 3906,

I have created a provisioning profile for students who submitted me their device ID’s. You can log into the iPhone portal and download it at your earliest convenience.

Once you have downloaded it, make sure you plug in your device and that you can see it show up in Organizer inside of Xcode. (The same place many of you found your device ID)

You can drag and drop your provisioning profile from your desktop into little window labeled Provisioning in Organizer. This should install the profile onto your connected device.

For most of you the only other thing you may need to do is set your bundle Identifier to ca.bcit.comp3906.yourappname. You can do this by clicking on the twirl down for Targets in the Groups and Files panel in Xcode. Right click on the App that shows up and choose Get Info. In the window that pops up, choose the properties tab at the top and in the Identifier text box type in ca.bcit.comp3906.yourappname.

You now be able to set Xcode to build to the device and actually get Apps running on your device!



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