BCIT iPhone Course – Comp 3906 Winter 2010

Hello Comp 3906 students and future Comp 3906 students.

I hope you have enjoyed this semester and had fun learning to develop native applications for the iPhone and iPod touch.

We’ve got the Telus Theatre (SE6) booked out at the Burnaby campus for Sat Dec 12 from 9 -12 and I’m really looking forward to seeing your final project presentations.

We have Scott Michaels the VP of Atimi Software and social networking evangelist Kemp Edmonds from BCIT Marketing and Communications coming to talk to us after the presentations are complete and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

I know a lot of you wondered why having your own device was so important coming into the course. In Comp 3906 every student designs and builds a final project on real iPhone / iPod Touch devices that they learn to provision, because as all my current students know..say it with me….”the simulator just doesn’t cut it!”

I think quite a few of you have a new found appreciation for your Macs now and may have even learned to love Objective-c and Xcode. I don’t thank many of you would have had the same experience this semester if you hadn’t have had your own equipment. You may have missed out on the Windows 7 Launch party, but I think you’ll survive.

I really think it’s a great time to be an iPhone developer. With the iPhone now available on Rogers, Telus and Bell networks I think we going to continue to see strong sales in Canada, but we are also seeing iPhone sales just getting started in places like China and other countries around the world.

Don’t forget the iTablet appears to be much more then a rumor and will only add the devices you’ll be able to take advantage of in the future with the new programming skills and knowledge you’ll pick up in the course.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year. Keep you eyes out for a new level 2 course in the near future, you never know what you might find, maybe even iPhone games.



COMP 3906 – iPhone Application Development


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