iPhone Won’t Turn on, doesn’t seem to be charging either? Is it dead?

Almost had a heart attack last night. Went to turn on my iPhone and ….. nothing. I was pretty sure I still had half a charge, but just in case I thought I’d stick it on the charger and …. nothing, no power bar ui popping up…just nothing. Panic set in and the thought of $800 paperweight scared the @#$$ out of me. Google here I come….

As it turned out after a few minutes of searching, I just needed to reset my iPhone. To do this toggle the switch above the volume back and forth two times, the hold the main button along with the top power button for about six seconds or until you see the apple icon displayed on your screen the main menu will appear shortly thereafter. Oh and if you did any charging during this blackout period it is accounted for when your iPhone comes back to life. Hope this works for you as well as it seems to have worked for me.


One Response to “iPhone Won’t Turn on, doesn’t seem to be charging either? Is it dead?”

  1. Evan Robinson Says:

    First thing you’ll be asked to do at the Apple Store if you come in with a probably live iPhone that’s behaving oddly — “hard reset” the device. Hold down the Mother of All Buttons and the power button for about 10 seconds until you see an Apple logo.

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