Second Stream of Comp 3906 – iPhone Application Development Added for Fall at BCIT

Seems like just last summer I was buying my new iPhone 3GS and now Apple has just released the new iPhone 4 in Canada!

It’s not even August and we’ve almost filled up our first run on Comp 3906 for September at BCIT. In light of the heavy demand for this course, we have scheduled a second compressed run of it for Sundays that will run or 6 weeks instead of the usual 12. This will be an intense introduction to developing for the iPhone, but if you want to get up to speed very quickly, this may be the course for you. You can find out more details by visiting:

We are also proud to announce the enrollment for our new iPad course Comp 4906 is very strong. The course will run in November and is designed for students who have completed Comp 3906 and are looking to extend their skills from the iPhone to the iPad. It’s very possible this course is going to fill up in September, so I’d recommend you sign up as soon as possible to ensure you get in.

I look forward meeting all my new students and September. Enjoy the rest of you summer and get ready to kick some @#!!! in the fall!


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