So What’s a Good iPhone Developer worth in Canada?

Over my past 2 years freelance development with the iPhone and now the iPad I’ve found that a lot of developers I meet really have no idea what their skills are actually worth. This is particularly true when it comes to developers positions in Canada.  You may not be shocked to know that rates are higher in the US, but here in Canada, you can still do quite well if you really know your stuff. So what are the numbers?

Well if you a taking a junior or entry level position and don’t have a great deal of experience (less than a year), your most likely going to be looking at between $35k – $60k per year.

Moving into in intermediate position you should be looking for $80k – 95k. In intermediate developer would most likely have several years of development experience under their belt and over a year of iPhone development and will most likely have created at least a few Apps.

Moving up the food chain brings us the the senior developer. Senior developers have been developing for a while (5-10 years) and will most likely have been working with the iPhone since it first dropped. These are the developers how have read the Human Interface Guidelines and all the iPhone and iPad Programming Guides (a few times) in addition to surveying a great deal of the available documentation and videos provided by Apple. They bring their wealth of programming experience to the iPhone and are able architect elegant and effective solutions and are able find innovative and effective workarounds to all matter of challenges that inevitably crop up. If at this level you’ll be looking at $100k – 120k in Canada.

Remember, if you really good, don’t sell yourself short. iPhone and iPad development skills are currently some of the hottest in the market. If your not at the senior level yet then keep reading and practicing as much as you can, you learn the iPhone platform by developing for it, so go forth and create!


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