Comp 3906 –> The Real Deal

Hello future and previous Comp 3906 students,

Just like to take a minute to clear up some confusion that some of you might been faced with recently.

Earlier this week you may have received an unsolicited email with a rather large attachment promoting “other iPhone courses” that originated from another department outside the School of Computing.  While this email did not originate from the Comp 3906 course, the School of Computing or me, I apologize on behalf of the institution as this is not the common practice here at BCIT.

Just to make things clear,  Comp 3906 iPhone Application Development and Comp 4906 iPad Application Development are not affiliated in any way with the MDIA courses at BCIT.

Comp 3906 was put together to address the unique needs of the School of Computing and those with previous programming experience and has been tremendously successful since it’s launch.  As you may have noticed, our courses are full again this semester and have been running full since the courses creation.

I will not be sending unsolicited emails to you an time soon, so hold tight and I look forward to seeing you this fall. To previous students of Comp 3906, keep in touch.




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