Comp 3906 Goes Green

I was so busy all summer on projects, I was not able to start the App I had planned for the Apps 4 Climate Action contest that went on this summer. I took all summer for me to come up with and idea I thought was really worthwhile.  Instead of giving up on the idea, I had a stoke of insight. Why not ask for some help?

I am extending an open invitation to all my Comp 3906 students this semester to take part in working with me to develop this environmentally themed App and launch it on the App Store. While the App will be free, I am offering students the opportunity to take part in the creation of a real world project that will actually be submitted to the App store once it’s completed.

I addition learning how to put together is significant and challenging App , I plan to have all  students who participate  mentioned in the App credits and believe it will provide and excellent portfollio piece they can show clients and future employers.

I will most likely run an extra class or two during this semester dedicated to working on this project in which I will be showing more advanced techniques than I cover in class.  I look forward to working with you all to take this idea off the drawing board and make it a reality.

More details to follow.


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