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BCIT’s iPhone and iPad Courses –> Some Holiday Reading

November 28, 2010

Previous and future Comp 3906 – iPhone Application Development / Comp 4906 iPad Application Development students may be interested in two new books that have arrived at the BCIT library Burnaby campus.

Beginning iPad application development
Designing the iPhone user experience : a user-centered approach to sketching and prototyping iPhone apps

Happy Holidays


“Green App” team meeting for Sunday Oct 17 –> BCIT DTC

October 7, 2010

Attention Comp 3906 Thursday and Sunday class. I would like to schedule our first group “Green App” team meeting for Sunday Oct 17 at the DTC from 4-5 pm. I think it would be really useful to get everyone together so we can organize ourselves and get the project off the ground. I will more less be acting as the project leader/adviser for the most part, but can pitch in wherever needed. We may have a few of these meetings over the next 2 months and I’ll try and make them as worthwhile as I can.

Manage Your Risk –> Don’t Get Taken for a Ride

September 14, 2010

I’ve been doing freelance iPhone development for over 2 years now, but I’ve also survived the .com boom and bust. When technologies like the iPhone heat up the market, it seems like every one and their dog has an idea for an App. If you’ve survived the .com era, you should be having flashbacks at this point. Everyone has the million dollar idea that going to make everyone rich right? Wrong.

Here’s the deal, ideas are worth just about nothing unless you have the experience, know how and resources to implement them.

So here is a situation I see played out almost every day.  You the developer get a call from “potential” new client telling you that the need an experienced developer to work on some “amazing” project that is sure to make a lot of money. There are already of course “several investors” who are interested at this point, but not interested enough to actually lay down their own hard earned money.

So the ring leader of this amazing idea approaches the developer and tries to sell them on their project, but there’s just one catch…they don’t have any money to actually pay you, the developer.

Not to worry right, after all this is sure to make money and with the potential investors already waiting at the gate, your the missing piece to the puzzle. You’ll get compensated with the investors jump in or even better, you’ll have the opportunity to take on shares in the “company”.

What this essentially comes down to, is you the developer are going to more less shoulder most of the risk on the project and will most likely never see the promised land. If it’s really such a sure thing after all, why on earth would they let you have shares in a company that will be worth millions?

Now I’m not saying that every situation you run into like this is a mirage, but what I am saying is that you really need to take steps to minimize your risk before you even think about taking on a project like this.

1. First off, you need to do your due diligence and really investigate the idea being proposed and the people behind it.  Has the idea been done before? Is the idea or process patented? Who are these supposed investors? What is their business experience? Are there any competing technologies or applications?

2. You need to get a retainer up front. Their is no way you should take on a project without getting some financial reassurance up front.

3. Get it in writing. Verbal agreements are no good. If they are promising you something, get it in writing. A contract/service agreement is a must.

4. Be clear about what your commitment is. Are you providing your services for a period of time, or until a certain milestone is met, of a certain number of hours per week? What happens once you’re finished?

5. Go with your gut. If your “Spidey Sense” tells you this could go south…it probably will, so don’t get involved in anything that feels sketchy.

The bottom line is this, don’t go into things with your eyes closed. Do your homework and cut your risk. Don’t get taken for a ride.

Comp 3906 –> The Real Deal

September 10, 2010

Hello future and previous Comp 3906 students,

Just like to take a minute to clear up some confusion that some of you might been faced with recently.

Earlier this week you may have received an unsolicited email with a rather large attachment promoting “other iPhone courses” that originated from another department outside the School of Computing.  While this email did not originate from the Comp 3906 course, the School of Computing or me, I apologize on behalf of the institution as this is not the common practice here at BCIT.

Just to make things clear,  Comp 3906 iPhone Application Development and Comp 4906 iPad Application Development are not affiliated in any way with the MDIA courses at BCIT.

Comp 3906 was put together to address the unique needs of the School of Computing and those with previous programming experience and has been tremendously successful since it’s launch.  As you may have noticed, our courses are full again this semester and have been running full since the courses creation.

I will not be sending unsolicited emails to you an time soon, so hold tight and I look forward to seeing you this fall. To previous students of Comp 3906, keep in touch.



Buy A Mac before September 7, 2010 and Get Free iPod Touch!

August 23, 2010

Attention all upcoming Comp 3906 students.  If you’re planning on buying a new Mac this fall for your course, you might want to take advantage of this deal!

According to the deal from Apple, If you’re a university or college student or a faculty or staff member at any grade level and you buy a new Mac with Apple education pricing from May 25 through September 7, 2010, you can get a free 8GB iPod touch.

Playing Video on the iPad –> Non Fullscreen

June 8, 2010

Ever wanted to play video, but not at full screen. Well, if you have an iPad you may be in luck. Check out these links.



Canadian iTunes Gift Cards Now Work For Apps!

June 5, 2010

Reports this week now indicate that those same Gift Cards can be used to purchase iTunes Apps from the App Store! Check it out here.

iPad Interface Design

June 4, 2010

The iPad is not simply a big iPhone and requires a different way of thinking about your Apps. For details, check out this Great little presentation if found on slideshare here.

BCIT Launches new iPad Course – Comp 4906 iPad Application Development

June 2, 2010

Following up on our tremendous success with Comp 3906 iPhone Application Development, we are proud to announce the addition of the brand new iPad course Comp 4906 iPad Application Development. The new course will debut this fall and is now integrated into the Applied Software Development Associate Certificate. iPad application development differs in significant ways from iPhone development and in order to adequately address these differences we felt this revolutionary new device warranted it’s very own course.  The new hands on course will run for 6 weeks and is designed for people with previous programming experience. If this course in anything like Comp 3906, it’s going to be extremely popular, so sign up early!

Comp 3906 Summer Class Completley Full –> Next Course In September

May 28, 2010

We have been a victim of our own success! We are filled to over capacity again this term and things show no sign of slowing down. As a result we have had to turn away several students this semester.

The winter run of this course produced some of the best Apps we’ve seen so far and we were pleased to have Scott Michaels from Vancouver’s own Atimi Software and BCIT’s own Kemp Edmonds join us for our final presentation night. Scott and Kemp’s presentations were amazing and Comp 3906 students reported they were blown away by the event.

If you were not able to get into the course this summer, we will be offering the course again in September so register early to avoid disappointment.