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Getting Your Device ID

September 18, 2009

I’m going to need your Device ID for your iPod Touch or iPhone to register you into the iPhone Developer University Program. You can find what this is buy plugging in your device with your USB sync cord and either firing up Xcode or using iTunes.

In Xcode you would go under Window –> Organizer. When you click on the device in this window you should see the Identifier show up (its the really long set of numbers and letters).


To get this number with iTunes, just watch this video.

After you accept my email invitation to join the program, I will need you to email your Device ID so I can enter it into the system.




iPhone Resources/ebooks at BCIT

September 1, 2009

We have an excellent assortment of iPhone resources at BCIT. Don’t forget, once you are a student you can register for Books 24×7 program and have access to a wide variety of technical ebooks, including iPhone books, anywhere anytime! For more details click here.

Yes Comp 3906 is a Member of the iPhone Developer University Program.

August 31, 2009

Hello Comp 3906,

Just thought I’d mention again that Comp 3906 is a member of the iPhone Developer University Program, so if you don’t quite feel ready spending the $99 to become a full fledged Apple iPhone developer yet, you can save a few bucks and take part in the program this fall.

The program will allow you to provision and publish apps to your device and even submit to the App store at the end of the semester.

You still have to get your App approved by Apple though, just like all the other iPhone devs out there. We’ll be setting up your devices on the first day of class, so make sure to bring your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Good News For iPhone Developers – Apple lands deal to sell iPhone in China

August 31, 2009

It’s a great time to be an iPhone developer and it’s about to get even better. Apple has recently closed a deal with mobile phone operator China Unicom to start selling iPhones. With over 40 million iPhone and iPod Touch devices in circulation and now China on board, you can bet the is number will ramp up even higher. Also, don’t forget, all these new iPhone owners are going to want Apps, so the market for iPhone Apps could really explode. For more details check out the cnet article located here.

Comp 3906 – Mac and iPod Touch Savings – Times Running Out!

August 31, 2009

Hello Comp 3906 – iPhone Application Development,

Some of you may still be looking for deals on a Mac laptop and an iPod Touch. As a BCIT student, you may not be aware you qualify for educational pricing on software and Intel based Mac computers. Just stop by at the Burnaby or Vancouver campus and get your BCIT ONE card made up and you can now get the student pricing for many things, not only at BCIT but other education resellers like the UBC and SFU computer stores.

Here is some information that was current as of Monday August 31rst that you might be interested in. Also, don’t forget that students can qualify for a free 8G iPod Touch if the buy their Mac laptop before Sept 8, 2009, so try not to loose out.

Current UBC Pricing

MC240LL/A Core2Duo 2.13GHz 2GB/160GB/USB2.0/FW400/GigE/802.11n/BT/SuperDrive/13″LCD/White 1.20$ $1,099.95

MacBook Pro
MB990LL/A Core2Duo 2.26 2GB/160/GigE/802.11n/BT/SD/FW800/USB2.0/13.3″LED 1.20$ $1,299.95

Current SFU Pricing

SFU currently has some fantastic clearance deals on Intel based Mac laptops, so I’d really recommend jumping on them if you can.